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Aletta Ocean Videos

Aletta Ocean
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Added on: 2018-02-28 Video Thumbnail Views 2112 Duration 5:02 Gorgeous Aletta Ocean Butt rides a big black Dick
Added on: 2018-01-30 Video Thumbnail Views 4028 Duration 4:29 Two Cocks and anal sex for Aletta Ocean
Added on: 2017-12-05 Video Thumbnail Views 12293 Duration 10:43 Aletta Ocean and other Hotties get to taste Sperm
Added on: 2017-10-27 Video Thumbnail Views 19092 Duration 3:01 Ravishing Aletta Ocean is down for some kinky Anal
Added on: 2017-09-23 Video Thumbnail Views 3909 Duration 2:02 Stacked Aletta Ocean bounces on a fat Boner in VR
Added on: 2017-09-02 Video Thumbnail Views 7652 Duration 2:09 Aletta Ocean has a hot Encounter with a Stranger
Added on: 2017-08-02 Video Thumbnail Views 17912 Duration 4:31 Aletta Oceans all alone with construction Workers
Added on: 2017-06-04 Video Thumbnail Views 9329 Duration 10:04 Busty Aletta Ocean bounces on a huge black Member
Added on: 2017-04-30 Video Thumbnail Views 12065 Duration 11:08 Sexy Babe Aletta Ocean chokes down huge black Dong
Added on: 2017-02-06 Video Thumbnail Views 22653 Duration 14:12 Aletta Ocean and other Chicks banging a lucky Dude
Added on: 2017-01-29 Video Thumbnail Views 9914 Duration 10:19 Young Aletta Ocean strips and fucks at Interview
Added on: 2017-01-14 Video Thumbnail Views 12300 Duration 5:37 Aletta Ocean bent over and nailed in hot POV Scene
Added on: 2016-12-21 Video Thumbnail Views 15458 Duration 2:15 Aletta Ocean sucks and fucks two Dongs on Xmas
Added on: 2016-08-27 Video Thumbnail Views 7511 Duration 10:48 Busty Beauty Aletta Ocean gets off in the Shower
Added on: 2016-06-24 Video Thumbnail Views 17485 Duration 6:14 Aletta Ocean cuckolding her Husband with black Rod
Added on: 2016-06-18 Video Thumbnail Views 15053 Duration 6:14 Aletta Ocean has anal Sex with thick black Cock
Added on: 2016-04-01 Video Thumbnail Views 18590 Duration 12:27 Hot Aletta Ocean gets fucked in sexy red Lingerie
Added on: 2016-02-28 Video Thumbnail Views 23970 Duration 3:00 Aletta Ocean opens her Legs to take his big Cock
Added on: 2016-02-18 Video Thumbnail Views 26638 Duration 5:02 Curvy Aletta Ocean has Sex on the Kitchen Counter
Added on: 2015-10-21 Video Thumbnail Views 10258 Duration 2:00 Curvy Aletta Ocean gets fucked before Cunt licking
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Latest Babe Comments (Showing 289 of 289 التعليقات)

hazelnut 2018-02-25
Her ass is really strange now. The ass implants are bizarrely unnatural and freakishly lumpy looking.
lilangus 2018-02-16
v-- The red corset, black stockings set is the one I tried to put in here. Didn't realize you can't post links to their own site. lol
lilangus 2018-02-16
This was a gorgeous woman. cgi-bin/?a=showfullpic&g=3243 Sadly, that day has gone.
lilangus 2018-02-16
Something I'll never understand: women who get enhancement surgeries do it to make them feel sexy. But, men everywhere think they make the woman look bad. The women don't see that. If you get suction cup lips, understand you will only attract certain men.
screamingblue 2018-01-24
essexy 2018-01-11
She leaves me satisfied Some girls are born to be bimbos Aletta just happens to be an exceptional one
tony1967 2018-01-01
she's going to have to do really super hardcore work if she wants to continue working now that she's so ugly she's going to have to do blowbangs and anal cum swallowing and face cumming lots of interracial work
tony1967 2018-01-01
oh my GOD they really fucked up this poor slut i hate to be critical but she looks like frankenstein and at one time one of the prettiest and sexiest brunettes in the industry hands down what a fucking shame.
vidaguerra 2017-12-28
jesus...all the surgery makes her look like she's at least 50
ragnar59a 2017-12-14
Happy birthday Aletta!
piratebooty 2017-12-10
Damn her lips look so awful now.
sb1978 2017-11-16
Can?t tell if ass is fake or just a photoshop
Kingair 2017-10-11
Don't understand people that hate enhanced breasts, I love them! I dated a girl that had them, sure didn't look natural but who gives a rats ass, they were a blast to play with, she told me "men don't understand how feminine & womanly they made her feel"
valachi 2017-08-16
I liked her when she was Aletta Alien.
Slappy_McHappy 2017-03-25
Aletta has modified her amazing figure to achieve a single goal; to make guys cum as fast as possible.
unclebriz_1975 2016-12-26
g/jmt5/ci_ This is the Aletta I knew... totally amazing
unclebriz_1975 2016-12-26
She's disgusting now... back in the day she used to be all natural and hot as shit... now I want to vomit... how many boob jobs, lip injections and yet... all you stupid delusional psychotic fucks jerk off to this??? Wow...
ragnar59a 2016-12-14
Happy birthday beautiful.
xplosiv 2016-08-11
just so hot from head to toe, keep up the good work! love ur anal scenes!
She's gotten so much surgery she barely looks human anymore. It turns my stomach to look at her. Another mangled, trainwreck pornstar.
mazy007 2016-02-18
i like fuck her pussy & aletta eating my sperm
Happy Birthday, Aletta! xoxoxoxo
themann3 2015-10-25
her ass new implants are funny looking when she gets it from behind...
JayWalker88 2015-10-14
a bit too far with the recognise her from when she first started.
johnsy 2015-09-07
I was a huge fan before all the surgery... still a fan though :)
mrsecretoo 2015-08-02
[SEXY] - Com certeza a melhor da Hungria #FATO. E uma das melhores do pornô internacional. Boca gostosa e um olhar penetrante que só ela tem!
booyaka23 2015-07-23
It seems her sole purpose in life now, is to make cocks cum and take many cocks in her moist holes
dennys 2015-05-20
when new arrive clips of her?
68Whiskey5150 2015-05-01
She needs to cool it with all the plastic surgery. There's more plastic on her than on a Corvette.
69SEXYTIME 2015-02-13
Happy Valentine Day XXX
stevestevens 2015-01-13
diamond_dave 2014-12-27
Pure porn perfection
themann3 2014-12-14
happy birthday Aletta.
Fuckmywifehard 2014-10-27
Get biggest cocks to fuck. I will make sure they are wet enough to slide them smoothly in your pussy and ass. My mouth will be at your service :). n once you are done, wana suck that cum filled pussy and ass.I would do any thing for such beauty.
Fuckmywifehard 2014-10-27
true stunner - deserves nice fuck and lots of cocks. Love you
themann3 2014-10-08
how can danny d not come after fucking her? he always has to jerk off.....
Flyersguy86 2014-09-14
Yummy babe!! ;)
Bingo Dosel 2014-09-13
Too beautiful for porn.
jonray 2014-09-01
Oh, Fuck Me, She's Just Awesome!!
NastyMarie69 2014-08-20
Goddess of SEX! She loves anal and DPs.
nostringsomerope 2014-05-24
Such an exquisite slut
Matyas84 2014-05-03
Beautiful Hungarian girl (makes me glad to be half hungarian)
RicHandsome_1970 2014-04-28
SAhe got some big ole lips. IN HER latest scene I see she fucks Danny Dickus that did all the scenes with Jazmine webb.
mirkomike 2014-03-29
I confess, I'm addicted to Aletta Ocean! I can't stop watching her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FunBiMeggan 2014-03-14
why the fuck did she get botox?!
EvW29 2014-03-12
She was one of my faves until her second set of breast implants and lip change. A big dissapointment for me as I am quite fond of Hungarian hotties, this one really would have been great if she had just stopped after the first boob job.
Brutus2956 2014-03-12
You are some sick fuckers! Like you could even HOPE to get her...and you're all judging her! But a fuckin cunts you are: billybillybilly (should be hill billy), lovestospooge on his own face! You f'n bunch of pussy cowards!
dazlman 2013-11-09
angel eyes
themann3 2013-11-07
does she even work anymore? nothing on her site or on any other sites...
Again, it's a shame she ruined that naturally beautiful face of hers. Then again, most porn stars these days do the same thing to themselves. She was once a beautiful whore... and now she's just a whore. I'd still fuck her in a heartbeat.
laidoff2 2013-10-27
All I want to do is beat off while watching her new boobies bounce and her pussy get sloppy from riding a thousand yards of cock. Creampie dripping from that juicy pro hole
Eriko 2013-10-16
pure awesomeness.
gardener64 2013-10-13
She looks like Angelina Jolie!
weedmanone8seven 2013-08-30
I love the new tits bigger and better then the last set fuck the haters your still a hot whore
weedmanone8seven 2013-08-30
I love the new TITS BIGGER and better then the last pair fuck the haters your still a hot WHORE
gallus69 2013-08-13
Absolutely perfect. How can I meet you? I love you!
unionaddpk 2013-08-07
nice babe keep it up.
tony1967 2013-08-06
Everyone talks about how bad she is but she's one girl who can give me an erection anytime i love her posing pictures and hardcore about the same because hardcore is too hard sometimes i don't like 2 dicks in her
Damn... I wonder is her pussy still blowing bubbles from last year in Budapest...
Brownies 2013-06-06
These are your Euro girls that you was bragging about,now give your girls more money for breast implants,something the Brazilian girls don't have to do.
Brownies 2013-06-06
Aletta keep your head up,all this negative press will pass.
ur rank is going down sweet boobs plz do somthing for that i love everything in u mwah ....... all the best
IluvAsians 2013-05-28
Good god! She's getting scary looking!
PornstarLoveYou 2013-04-21
love you Aletta!
alanXL 2013-04-03
Fully agree with opinion of moonchild22, jeremyxx and others who don't like surrogates. Such plastic doll may be rated at least 20000 places down
lilstinker 2013-04-01
Another shameful miscarriage of justice, even as desperate as I am for some nooky even I wouldn't put my cock between those lips especially the top ones. Why oh why do these girls do this to themselves? And more to the point who tells them it looks good?
leewall 2013-03-15
If this woman ever caught fire the EPA declare it toxic waste zone.
themann3 2013-03-09
what sites is she working with now? she is not working on her own site now.
Powerage78 2013-02-22
Aletta Ocean scares me. Is that the plastic looking alien that was covered up in 1947 Roswell ?
SapphoClitoris 2013-02-16
Cock only serves as an accessory to the actress, the person is able to demonstrate five names of these holders cocks ... xoxo
bca111 2013-01-26
I'm writing this in the hope that a few in the Porn Industry will read this. I would like to see Porn Stars to do some scenes with guys in wheelchairs. The guys don't have to really be disabled, but if they are that would be great.
Bones_92 2013-01-06
This girl is amazing, her eyes are gorgeous.
JaySango1 2013-01-01
Aletta is stunning. Girls could learn a lot from this goddess. Guys who object to "too much plastic" or her tits looking "so fake" have completely missed the point - this is what it's about now, get fake tits girls, or get left on the shelf.
Lupercal 2012-12-27
Another filthy East European whore who loves having her arsehole plundered, i would love to fill that hot hole with my cock and blow my wad deep inside her bowels then make her lick all her ass-juice off my gleaming length!!!
freechicks 2012-12-19
biggest hoe ever why did she get such big tits this is not sexy anymore she should listen to us and stop getting bigger tits ?
teueur 2012-11-28
Before you are perfect...but today too!!!
themann3 2012-11-09
i also love that accent....reminds me of the russian girls i met in korea.....
themann3 2012-11-09
is she working anymore? have not seen her on her site.....and the last work she did was on brazzers.
I still find her face sexy and alluring... but, yeah, she should have never gotten worked done; now she does look like a freak compare to her once "natural" beautiful face. And that Dracula voice she has doesn't help, ha ha.
billybillybilly 2012-10-04
What's she done to her face now, she looks like a freak.
DP SharonLee 2012-09-16
syphilis can be fixed, but those horrible fake balloons can't.
chronoxiong 2012-09-13
Sucks to hear that she got syphilis. She is such a dirty whore too.
masterbateman 2012-09-02
Aletta. Will you marry me? You'll never want for dick again. I want all of you. Every hole. I'll make you cum like a volcano.
even THOUGH. Yeah, but what a gorgeous whore.
Shit, even thought I'm not a big fan of plastic, bitches with huge tits and nice lips turn me on big time. With that said, I think Aletta looks better than ever. One of the hottest women on the planet!
johnsy 2012-08-29
I was a big fan before the work...still return from time to time though ;)
SHOULDERSSS 2012-08-27
She possesses fake assets.
HottyvsHotty 2012-08-24
Work or no work she still ain't bad.
moonchild22 2012-08-22
And now she has syphilis.
MST1980 2012-08-20
I can understand breast surgery, even though I think they are too big ... I can understand the operation of lips ... but what has she done now with the nose ... This is too much! Now it looks like a caricature of Devon ... What a shame :(
MST1980 2012-08-20
I have saw already new pictures of Aletta on her facebook profile.. There is one thing I'd have to say... I can understand breast surgery, even though I think they are too big ... I can understand the operation of lips ...
WolftheVillain 2012-07-16
what a babe wow
EvW29 2012-07-14
Much better before all the work done, now just does not even look great to me anymore, I am sharp enough to sense what fake and real is, so its dissapointing. But to each his or her own. I don't like her current look. If you do, thats OK.
SoBrAo84 2012-07-13
She is the top pornstar right now, nobody can touch her
jeremyxx 2012-07-08
Stupid Lips and Boobs.
c_a_worshipper 2012-07-08
Out of this world beautiful..........
moonchild22 2012-07-07
Too bad so many people have bad taste. Plastic and silicone is not sexy, especially when badly overdone.
moonchild22 2012-07-07
Too bad so many people have bad taste. Plastic and silicone is not sexy, especially when badly overdone like she is. Two round basketballs and joker lips are ridiculous.
moonchild22 2012-07-07
Too bad so many people have bad taste. Plastic and silicone is not sexy, especially when badly overdone like she is. Two round basketballs and joker lips are ridiculous.
DickChumley 2012-07-06
Ugly? I think not! Still a beautiful woman, with larger than life lips, I'll admit. But the larger than life tits are very easy on my eyes! Too bad if you don't like her now, but plenty of us still do!
mykranili 2012-07-04
After looking at an all-natural, perfect goddess like Layla Rose, Aletta just looks like a freaking space alien with all of that surgery. Sorry baby but you're just ugly now...
johnsy 2012-07-03
Think I was a bigger fan before all the work...still a fan, just that she looks like the average pornstar with all the add ons
besharam 2012-07-02
so shameless and slutty
mykranili 2012-06-29
Eh. She's beautiful, but those fake, puffed up lips are so ugly looking in some shots I just want to rip them off of her face. Hot girl for sure, though...
clarksuperkent 2012-06-27
I love her lips, i really like to kiss them! Aletta it´s fantASStic!
dragon_boy 2012-06-26
beautiful face big boobs with big butt so hard to get girl like her she is one of my Favorite pornstar Aletta Love u :)
DP SharonLee 2012-06-21
Yeah if you love to fuck plastic she is nice, I think she is disgusting.
NicoSapiens 2012-06-19
She was cute at her beginnings; now, she is A GODDESS !!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE can be even half as perfect as she looks !!!!!!!
islandboy67 2012-06-12
Nicest legs in the business
gazzo45 2012-06-10
Such a lovely, spankable ass.
masterbateman 2012-05-21
I'd love to munch her asshole. She is a true pornstar.
milesobrian 2012-05-20
She will still have a large number of men ready to do her-myself included!
monkeyspanky45 2012-05-18
eve angel is better
Dick Whacker 2012-05-15
Man I'm SICK AND TIRED of implants. Stop the madness ladies! They don't have to be big to be feminine and attractive. (IMO)
Aletta is still pretty if she was anyone's woman on this site you'd be glad to have cunt as premium as her plus she eould take really great care of her man when the cloths came off. Aletta is a great whore!
Kernow 2012-04-23
She is still pretty hot, but nothing compared to how hot she was when she started out. I just have to wonder how she would look now if she didn't take the plastic path.
JohnDoeJersey 2012-04-21
Such a crying shame, she used to be cute when she started porn.
a4e2010 2012-04-18
I agree with Gripen...she is still hot, but I could only imagine her with her previous natural look doing the actsshe'S doing would have been volcanic.
Ariestar 2012-04-08
Aletta is without a doubt the best European Pornstar right now (I really love Eve Angel but she refuses to do B/G sex scenes anymore, so Aletta takes her places as the European Queen), Aletta Does it all and Does fucking Good!, no matters the surgeries!
masterbateman 2012-04-04
A true porn slut. Always open for business.
Gripen 2012-04-02
Definately messed herself up. In retrospect the "old Aletta", plastic as she may have been already, was a 10.
davidclone 2012-03-18
I actually drunk but I want to say something that i want to marry u....... love u baby
anubas69 2012-03-04
Amazing looking babe, awesome body
jrbaires 2012-02-02
I cann´t resist the temptation of kissing all Aletta´s body (in my dreams...)
whiteboy98 2012-01-29
Pretty hot but she's plastic as fuck.
ClitWorship 2012-01-18
Not really a big fan I'd rather suck your tits than anything.
leewall 2012-01-14
she has so much plastic in her if she caught fire she'd burn for a week and the EPA would declare her a toxic waste zone.
chillyb 2012-01-13
I know she's mostly plastic, but I can't get enough of this woman! She's gorgeous... and filthy!! Amazing!!
masterbateman 2012-01-13
One of the best pornstars in the business. I love her cumshots!
teueur 2012-01-12
I R R E C O N O C I B L E!!!!
IluvAsians 2012-01-12
Just saw her fanpage on Facebook...She's lookin a mess! Much better before she started choppin her face up!
kwark 2011-12-19
to me she´s the hottest brunette on earth, I can watch her tits and slutty face forever
sunnyisnumerouno 2011-11-29
sunny is in danger of being evicted from bigg boss house sms SUN and send it to 56882 to help her win the show
jakkals 2011-11-24
this girl is a god,hot as fuck legs and ass
argento78 2011-11-04
eras tan linda cuando empezaste ... ahora con todo ese plastico encima, pareces una muñeca de goma
jaysingh 2011-10-28
i'll go down on you, you go down on me
Azrayl 2011-10-09
funny these guys that go on about Natural Natural i likes it Natural.. yeah then also have these women remove their 5 lbs of make up also because thats fake to.. although i do feel aletta has gone abit to far id still wreck that ass any day of the week
anubas69 2011-10-03
very sexy babe...., perfect body
leewall 2011-09-29
so much plastic I can almost smell the glue
mykranili 2011-09-27
No way was she better before the surgeries; check her out on page 14 of her galleries. She looks so plain, homely and flat chested she looks miserable. I agree with the lips-those things are gross; better hair & bigger boobs was all she needed...
tony1967 2011-09-17
I hate to agree with you but a girl does look better without enhancements natural is the way to go even though it might seem they'd look better with enhancements eg bigger tits, fuller lips but it doesn't work out Aletta did look better when she 1st start
teueur 2011-09-17
why did you get plastic surgery, were beautiful, now you too synthetic!!!
Green_Hornet 2011-09-12
She butchered herself with those ugly fake lips and ugly tits.
tony1967 2011-09-09
Aletta when she 1st started did nudes then (not long) she did boy/girls and was the time she was the new V. Zemanova who just retired and Aletta is just as beautiful but does everything and to say she's not beautiful is absurd i truly love her
mykranili 2011-09-06
This woman is amazing. She's pretty AND filthy. Can you imagine coming home to this eager-to-please-your-cock slut every day? As for all you haters out there, you're obviously gay so get the f**k off of the site...
Covero 2011-09-04
rugo 2011-09-03
Very sexy
maracusa 2011-08-28
She ist so HOT. She is one of my favourite chicks, build to make me horny. incredible sexy
Vibrato 2011-08-27
Damn! This woman is like Betty Boop in the flesh! Sizzling all the way down to those beautiful feet of hers!
addo619 2011-08-24
She loves taking anal and takes it like a pro. I think she's a hottie!
YeaYea80 2011-08-24
Top Notch, Top Notch! I wish she'd touch it, just for a second.
johnsy 2011-08-22
gotta say i like the all natural aletta...well the new one is not bad either.
steve960 2011-08-19
i say near perfect expect for her overbig lips but that something that can be overlooked very easy.
DickChumley 2011-08-02
Wow, there are a lot of jackasses on this site! This girl is smoking hot! She doesn't looks 40, if you don't like fake tits tough shit and I hope she never stops taking it up the ass. If you don't care for her face then you are definitely in the minority.
Gripen 2011-08-01
Pretty much a perfect girl in every aspect. If she was mine, I'd focus on her ass.
tony1967 2011-08-01
She looks 23 she started when she was 18 but she does it all anal, facials and extremely pretty most that pretty don't do that i think as time goes on the european models are doing more and more hardcore they're miles ahead of the american girls
addictedtoporn! 2011-07-26
Way too hot. Hungarian chicks are the best. Stunning pussy and great tits.
chronoxiong 2011-07-22
She loves taking anal and takes it like a pro. I think she's a hottie!
koolg 2011-07-17
wow thats among the best cock sucking face I ever seen, she should be face fucked. hmm she doesn't look 23 though....
gallus69 2011-07-12
She's so fantastic !!! Best on your site !!
titslapper 2011-07-11
Give the big, silly fake boobs a break already.
ilobeer 2011-07-08
I don't like her face...
Stega86 2011-07-03
omg she is 23? i thought she is over 40 omg
AbstracT_PoinT 2011-06-24
Aletta Ocean is really amazing, definitely one of my favorite pornstars, her scene for cumforcover where she got 5 loads on her face is one of the best blowbang & generally porn scenes ever!
Aletta definitely didn't need any enhancements but what she had done was done well and even more important she is a rocking little fuck whore that loves her job!
daredevil4ctg 2011-06-14
Bird face or Duck face for those lips . A plastic girl .
satanist1986 2011-06-06
Such pretty feet
Vaan 2011-06-01
I want to fuck her so hard, my left side goes numb.
Teen Rider 2011-05-26
Beautyful face. but too artificial looking boobs. (like baloons)
panzer103 2011-05-22
very pretty and has a freak'n awesome ass. but the shit she puts up her but is gross. Anal is yuck.
Jobwell Dunn 2011-05-17
The things this chick does... just wow!!
nadahassan 2011-05-04
nise ass
Pudpounder 2011-04-30
Aww come on. This chick oozes sex. Give me 3 good mins. Oh yeah!
DSX 2011-04-29
EvW29 2011-04-26
wonderful babe til the enhanecements...plz its naturak beauty I'm looking for, I cummed hard looking at her as a secretary in the free gallery, I loved it. She's not a fave of mine anymore, though.
She was plenty hot before the enhancements. Aletta is a great whore still.
Im sorry.. but I don't dig her.. she is too damn fake. Makes me wonder what she ( he ) was b 4 all the surgery....
budapest2012 2011-04-23
She is a goddess of perfection !!
koolg 2011-04-19
Despite her plastic lips and tits, this bitch looks awesome.....
john1985 2011-04-08
sonic01 2011-04-07
Super girl.
daredevil4ctg 2011-04-07
Plastic girl .
moradee 2011-04-06
Beutiful to lick her pussy all day long
nicktheprick420 2011-04-04
slamming russian right here...nice lips
john1985 2011-04-04
i love you aletta ocean ,i wish fuck you every day
moradee 2011-04-04
Very cute my cock loves you !!
john1985 2011-04-03
i wish i lick your anal every second and lick your pussy ,your leg your tongue your lips i love you aletta please fuck me
TicklebellyXXX 2011-03-27
Perfect porn star, would like to see a little more IR. An IR gang bang would be awesome.
Alfredvincent 2011-03-26
want more can't get enough
Stiffmeister007 2011-03-20
hoppers27 2011-03-14
This chick fucking sizzles!
gg4deep 2011-03-08
Beutiful to lick her pussy all day long :>>>>>>
shiloh50 2011-03-07
Thought she was so beautiful but she's butchering her body with the outrageous boob jobs. Please stop Aletta its not normal.
mlitavi 2011-02-27
Christ, she's totally deformed.
daredevil4ctg 2011-02-22
It's my dream to fuck her .
rayman53x 2011-02-21
second that bro. Aletta gives a nasty blowjob, its Hot!!!
splinter3217 2011-02-18
hottest pornstar period.
martybonza99 2011-02-16
She has coaxed a few loads from my balls.
tennmasin 2011-02-10
She needs to do more IR....and swallow the load.
themutter 2011-02-08
boobjobs reiund her
rayman53x 2011-02-04
who couldn't lol
nils002 2011-02-02
I could fuck her ass all day...
jesneldem 2011-01-28
sexy, but might have had one to many surgeries/
KYJelly 2011-01-25
That's a very fitting title for her.
kiranprsad 2011-01-24
The pornstar of surgeries
SweetTagging 2011-01-18
it's the eyes.
Alikhan 2011-01-12
I cant stop my self . . .she make me cum every time
Alikhan 2011-01-12
yeah she is a dream girl
vidicchick 2011-01-12
Sandra shine is much freakin hotter then her!!
thecleaner 2011-01-08
Aletta the Goddess
burrog 2011-01-08
Egyszer?en csodálatos, gyönyör? szemek, Dóri istenn? vagy :)
khem316 2011-01-04
nasty but beautiful woman perfect
davidclone 2010-12-31
I wish New Year 2011 make you more beautiful and sexy and also wish to talk with you......
q12we3rambler 2010-12-26
Aletta Ocean is very..
Paiva 2010-12-24
It's a dream...
AdamsApple1963 2010-12-14
Happy Birthday, Aletta and may all your wishes cum true!
AssBanger 2010-12-10
She reminds me of Lanny Barbie. Probably the best Private babe ever. Such a great ass and stunning eyes!!!
slipbizkit 2010-12-04
Hot as hell!! Her DP scenes are awesome, dare i say 5 star?
bicindy 2010-11-26
hmmm we have company coming over tonight, after watching her anal scenes I have some great ideas for tonight!
valdemonij 2010-11-14
Can to be double actress in porn scenes of Angelina Jolie.
2012i 2010-11-13
marry me
daredevil4ctg 2010-11-12
Sexy Ass !!!
hot sex man 2010-11-11
very sexy
anubas69 2010-11-08
she's very hot
Green_Hornet 2010-11-04
She didn't ruin her lips and breasts; she destroyed them. She was stunning before the plastic surgery - beautiful face and figure with beautiful breasts. Such a shame.
dueces 2010-11-03 hot! she kinda reminds me of Cameron Diaz.
Aletta is amazing. Her skin is gorgeous, she has a sexy lil pussy and beautiful lil asshole, nice tits and a face that is lovely. Nice thick lips and sensual eyes. Outstanding!
BK718 2010-10-21
Her boobs look terrible and her face is F.UGLY! No thanks! Alotta pollution in her ocean!!!
julzybee 2010-10-18
the things id give away and do just to have one night of hardcore sex with aletta ocean !
vidicchick 2010-10-16
I want rub my dick on your soft meaty pussy!!!
Gengstapo 2010-10-12
I would ask for you if the God agree to grant me a wish..
tehnotronic 2010-10-08
Awsome body & boobs!
richied130 2010-10-03
She is gorge!!! luv her looks well worth bangin
Paiva 2010-10-02
Second best after Lannie Barbie
lutteurfou 2010-10-02
A body of dream, a beautiful chest, and eyes to get lost: I am absolute fan
xfire 2010-09-18
I love her Hallows Eve clip. That accent is hot.
Hassan Ali 2010-09-10
Dear Aletta i luv u.i wanna fuck u.
Hassan Ali 2010-09-09
i love this her pussy is torn still i do like 2 fuck her thousand time. i ask her 2 give me a chance. i wana 2 lick her tits. waooooooo.
MrDB 2010-08-28
Aletta is my imposible dream. She is so beautiful... Dear Aletta... love me please !
KaiserWilhelm 2010-08-23
She is beautiful. Boom! Another Eastern European beautiful woman. Wow.
daredevil4ctg 2010-08-20
I also want to fuck that ass !!!
Roald 2010-08-13
@Nothing3464, actually a lot of these girls DO visit their own pages here. So not that retarded.
Nothing3464 2010-08-12
Stop saying "Dear Aletta" like you're talking to her, retards.
MrDB 2010-08-03
Please, dear Ale, can I fuck you? So pretty girl...
khulna 2010-07-21
Aletta you are one of my favorite. I Like you. I would like to fuck you.
Simbadb 2010-07-21
One of my new favs.
Ally338 2010-07-21
Dear Aletta Ocean I like you , I love you so much . you are just gorgeous . I beleive , Aletta come from another planet .I would live liberal , peace and sex on all the earth .I would like to meet and fuck Aletta .
cipher2240 2010-07-20
what a whore, I'd still fuck her, but damn what a whore
porrolf 2010-07-19
She's so hot and it looks so good when she sucks cock. I believe she really likes sucking cock.
DRAKE17 2010-07-19
I would bend you over aletta and fuck you all day!!! Amazing woman
c_a_worshipper 2010-07-11
I think the guy below means it sarcastic, but for me: I would love to see her lips even bigger and her boobs even two cups more......hell yeah!But she is a unique beauty already, a goddess.....
mlitavi 2010-07-08
Plastic fantastic. Think her lips should be bigger. And tits are pretty small too. She should buy herself a mirror.
krisrianto 2010-07-03
angelina jolie look alike...hottthhh!
heidi_ahmad 2010-06-27
She is hot babe...I wanna fuck with her...Nice ass...
daredevil4ctg 2010-06-18
The second best pornstar came from Hungary . Jessica Moore is the best . I want to make a sex sandwitch with Jessica Moore & Aletta Ocean . I want to fuck Aletta Ocean's ass & want to lick Jessica Moore's asshole at the same time .
kaiser69 2010-06-16
fantastic ass,fantastic tits,fantastic lips. i love you
dabiube 2010-06-12
The hottest ass in the adult industry
Sicarius 2010-06-10
Aletta ruined herself with the boob job. She was much hotter before. She looks like trash now.
RAO 2010-06-04
i love aletta ocean,i want to suck her pussy as well as her ass,i want to kiss her boobs and her lips,she is very beautiful,i also want that aletta suck my cock and ball,i want to fuck her.i love aletta.
badreligion777 2010-05-31
Being a male porn star never looked so apealing. Agreed with seifer tho, more softcore, but that doesn't seem likely
Penetrator 2010-05-31
Aletta is one of the most pretty and loveliest pornstars I've ever seen. Gave her 5 beauty points and also 5 performer points, because she's really hot and her sex infront of the camera is absolutely great. With her to fuck must be the biggest pleasure!
Ballsdeepz 2010-05-30
If it wasn't for the boob job scars, wars would be started over this woman.
Seifer 2010-05-15
She certainly is perfect. I would like to see more softcore work with her, though...
somealex 2010-05-13
c_a_worshipper 2010-05-09
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, this girl is going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge in porn!!!!
wadmeister 2010-05-09
Hot babe, cute feet.
Seifer 2010-05-07
Damn, she is hot...
ETW2 2010-05-07
The hottest lady out of Hungary (fact!)
drummerguy 2010-05-05
so beautiful. i wanna marry her one day.
freeoneskutti 2010-04-25
The best!!! there is no counting to the number of times iv gotten off on her movies!! nice face, hot lips and tits!![ginormos]!!...lovely ass, the way she pleads to be taken in the ass so gets my nuts every single time! love you aletta!
ghetto5 2010-04-25
She's a marvelous woman with a wonderful mouth and terrific boobs!!! A number one female!! I'm so excited!!! I adore you Aletta!!
sylthyl 2010-04-24
unbelievably beautiful fake tits. I wonder what size and shape those are. I guess high profile, 650-700cc.
tulowitski 2010-04-22
she is all around gorgeous perfect ass tits and face
bigblind_69 2010-04-10
easily the hottest woman in porn, she is SO gorgeous, amazing lips, tits.. I've never seen her swallow, but even the way she spits out cum is fucking hot. I would love to fuck her mouth and cum all over her lips and tits.
camplo72 2010-03-30
her eyes are killer,nice feet too!!
moudy84 2010-03-24
teasing godsess
Jacksparrowaus 2010-03-13
I just love her sexy lips i want her to suck my big Dickkkkkkkkk
satiricon 2010-02-11
I shed my cum on her beautiful body. Filled her ass and vagina with my hot cum and had been recently at their beautiful feet. Aletta Ocean I fell in love.
satiricon 2010-02-11
I look at the men when they nail her in her vagina, ass and you ejaculate in her beautiful face. Aletta Ocean, a female is too beautiful and devoted to sex
satiricon 2010-02-11
Truly this beautiful girl has it all. It's beautiful from head to toe and comes complete with one or more men to delight. It is God's gift to delight the man we are alone.
satiricon 2010-02-10
I do not understand why this girl is not nominated for the trophy Freeones 2010. Everything is beautiful and delivered on camera. It is a complete female. I adore her.
Teddytrooper 2010-02-03
very beautifull woman could have made it far in the model industry. I like Aletta and Uma Stone they are the most beautifull woman pornstars.
euroni666_1980 2010-01-30
One of the most beautiful women to ever be in Porn.
larss 2010-01-27
Jaw droppingly gorgeous! One of the very few I've seen where lip enhancement enhances looks.
darknez 2010-01-25
she is amazing she is hot god she is a goddess
MadPriest 2010-01-18
Aletta is simply the best...
Roald 2010-01-11
Female Foreign Performer of the Year AVN Awards 2010
ajam 2010-01-09
Shes the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
boob_ring 2010-01-08
Simply superb!
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